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Meet the band

John Yelland


Tony Cordisco

Guitar/Backing Vocals

Michael Sanchez

Bass/ Lead Guitar

Jordan Elcess



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The Metal Observer

As enjoyable as these constituent parts are, At the Expense of Humanity is best appreciated as a whole, given its narrative nature. It may lack the gritty quality of King of Rome and the all-round bluster of Sleepy Plessow, but on a pound-for-pound basis this is arguably the band’s strongest and most assured musical statement to more

Last Rites

The clear fact is this: Heavy metal will never need saving, because heavy metal – barring some magical expunction of the human race from the universe – will never find itself in a situation where a final, gasping breath is finally taken. Why? Because of more

Echoes and Dust

Horrible tragedy has long been known to result in moving acts of self-expression, and the poignancy of At the Expense of Humanity is built on how real the motivation behind it is. Even if you’ve never been in the position of watching someone slowly lose their life, the real-life turmoil dripping from the album is almost impossible to more

Heathen Harvest

To listen to it, it’s clear that this is a labour of love, an album that has been relentlessly pored over and refined, made the best version of itself it can be. It earns the right to make its listeners weep, and a power metal album that does that ought to be sanctified as a classic of the more