Jordan Elcess


  • Gavin Harrison
  • Porcupine Tree
  • Opeth
  • Martin Axenrot
  • Edguy
  • Alice In Chains
  • Type O Negative
  • Martin Lopez
  • Death
  • Richard Christy
  • Cynic
  • King Diamond
  • Blackfield
  • Steven Wilson
  • Bloodbath

Jordan was born in Tucson, AZ and began being influenced by music at a very young age by his Father. Type O Negative, Alice In Chains, Temple of the Dog and Pearl Jam, Jordan was pulled in by powerful vocals and crazy guitar sounds. He first picked up a guitar at the age of 12 that his Aunt Debbie and parents purchased for his birthday. 

Jordan connected with a childhood friend where he learned the craft of guitar at a deeper more fundamental level and was introduced to more musical influences. He and his friend started their first band at the age for 14, with no clear stylistic direction. At 15 Jordan was introduced to Tony Cordisco and his extreme talent at such a young age. For a few years Tony and Jordan created various projects where they went out on the town as a guitar duo. 

After struggling to find musicians to fill their musical and dedication needs, Jordan decided to pick up drumming to better their situation. He was self taught at first, then furthered his craft by taking lessons in school. This enabled Tony and Jordan to create music without having to rely on other individuals of a band. They continued to play as a band until they parted ways to focus on education and starting a family.

Fter taking a break from music for 3 years Tony approached him with the opportunity of playing a festival with Judicator. Jordan jumped at the chance and they quickly got to work. After a few months of practicing, Jordan suffered a minor stroke that left him with some limitations with walking, speaking and playing the drums. With two months until the festival, he buckled down and practiced to get some of the limitations unnoticeable and was able to play the festival.

When the festival was such a success, Tony and John decided to turn Judicator into a full band and brought Jordan along for the ride.

In his personal life, Jordan enjoys spending time with his fiance, Stacia and his two kids, Zoe and Weldon. He is hard at work on some business ideas and other musical projects.